The Martin Versatility saddle is designed for riders that need a single saddle that allows them to perform necessary maneuvers in wide variety of western disciplines. The Versatility’s deep seat is comfortable enough to ride all day and gives the rider balance and security without restricting movement. Built on a tree that is tough enough for roping and ranching, applications for the Versatility saddle are almost without limit.

  • • Low, close seat gives the rider maximum contact with the horse
  • • Balanced to provide greater stability for fence work and events that require quick direction changes
  • • Free swinging fenders and custom ground seat allow the rider to get their feet forward to absorb energy from hard stops and quick turns
  • • Seat position allows the rider to easily and effectively cue the horse and maintain proper body position and stability
  • • Saddle horn comfortably fi ts the hand and tilts slightly forward, giving room to get to the front quickly when necessary
  • • Double skirted for extra durability, classic design and long life
  • • Available with D Ring or Adjustable Rig
Gullet Width:  6.5" Standard, 6.75”, 7”, 7.5” 
Gullett Height:  8"
Cantle Height:  3.75"
Horn Height:  3.5"
Horn Cap:  2.5"
Tree Sizes:  13.5”, 14”, 14.5”, 15”, 15.5”, 16”
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